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Living in Unusual Times

We are currently living in a world where self preservation has taken on an urgency not seen in my lifetime.

The toilet roll saga has lead to empty shelves of anything related to soft papers for delicate body areas.

It has expanded to a hunter gatherer mode where shelves that once held pasta, rice, flour, sugar and other deemed staples are emptying at express rates.

Over one hundred countries checking their options to lock down in self preservation against a microscopic bug.

All major venues closing until further notice and/or one month at the minimum.

World renowned museums and galleries are in shut down and most importantly YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Art at St. Francis is closed until further notice. The current significant exhibition namely: Marks in Time – my exhibition on a world scale cannot be viewed. it is with SINCERE APOLOGIES that I advise all that the best way to see my work is via the attached images.

To view the full image: Select and click on first image – click on the i in a circle RHB of opened page then select View Full Size.


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