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World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day, Friday 5th June. During our isolation time much of our Earth has been celebrating, undertaking some healing showing us the outcomes. Clear waters in the Canals of Venice, Views to the Himalayas that had been hidden in smog, a decline in Greenhouse gases and wild animals roaming city streets are just some of the positive results of us staying indoors.

As the sun shines outside, though, it is difficult to not want to be out there engaging with nature.

I reminisce about making artwork in the great outdoors and celebrate today with posting an artwork from Flinders Island. One day I walked to a rise and stood overlooking a vast stretch of white sand. The stunning view was like and immense canvas just waiting for interaction.

Spiral from the Sea is the result of spending time on that vast canvas of sand, walking barefoot and feeling the coolness under my feet.


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