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Walk a Crooked Mile

With the lifting of restrictions, being able to visit my daughter was fantastic. Finally that lovely long cup of tea together. We took a walk skirting the fence line of her property and planned to walk on Saturday 16th, my father’s birthday.

Longridge Farm and along the Yarra River Banks, 2nd walk was to the end of Glynns Road and the superb water marsh area of the Yarra River.

Each Saturday we have taken a walk and they began to get longer. At Blue Tongue Bend we walked 8kms and stretched it out on Andrews Hill at Kinglake for 15kms.

Last Saturday we ventured further to Toolangi and the Tanglefoot Trail, only 11 kms. Tomorrow we will take a longer drive to Werribee Gorge and hike the loop trail for 8.5kms.

These are all practice for our intended 3 day 2 night hike at Wilson’s Promontory next week.

After Kinglake the recommended recovery time was 3hrs, we are getting quicker recovery, however, once a week is a little different to 3 days; Day one 10.2, Day two 13.6 and Day three 10.8. Let’s hope that a good overnight sleep is sufficient recovery.

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