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The Enlightenment Project has been part of my art practice repertoire for over twenty years. The components of perforation, light, circles, reflection and mass have been pushed and pulled, inverted, punctured, suspended and shifted into many interpretations for many years.

I have been sorting through an immense amount of photos during isolation and creating a series of books for my library shelf, simply getting ‘my history’ into order. Until now these series of works basically came under The dot project however, they are not about dots. The work began looking at Gothic Rose Windows, taking out the glory of symbology and colour, then honouring the structure supporting the stained glass. The structure design, I think, has it’s own beauty. I wondered about light, not through the spaces where the stained glass was located, but light drifting through the structure. I made the structure lightweight through perforation and allowed light to create patterns.

I played with holes, with light patterns and looked at the hole itself having its own light. So my play of push and pull, of ephemerality, of solidity, of reflected light and colour continues.

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