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Exciting to be featured in the latest Arts Manningham eNews.

Art e-facts

We asked our Arts Manningham Fellowship recipient Denise Keele-Bedford to let us in on some of her “art e-facts”…

What is your most memorable art experience?

With just on 30 years of art practice and many exciting art experiences along the way, like my first solo show and international artist-in residencies, the one significant and influential experience was my time at Arthur Boyd’s, Bundanon.

The residency was the first time that I had a studio to myself, where I only had to consider one entity, myself.

It was an opportunity that taught me how to operate in future residency situations.

Sixteen years later I still follow the principles of discipline and process that I learnt at Bundanon.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

The future, we know is an unknown.

However, to follow an arts practice pathway, five years is not too far ahead.

Within the next five years I intend to finalise shipment of my artwork from China to Melbourne, complete and exhibit current unfinished artworks. By 2025 I will have had at least two solo exhibitions and undertaken at least two Artist-in Residence programs.

I am interested in mentorship and believe by 2025 I will have enough experience to mentor younger emerging artists.

I will also continue with public and community projects, where relevant and continue my studio art practice.

Why do the arts matter?

Arts matter, because life matters.

Since time immemorial humans have wanted to express themselves and record the ebb and flow of life in a visual form.

Art is a language for communication. Like learning a foreign language art gives an opportunity to study and engage with ‘the other’.

Due to diversity in the arts, there is always an art form that one can connect with at all levels of interest.

Between February 22 – March 23, I will be Artist-in-Residence at Manningham Arts.


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