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Back to Basics and Fingers in Pies

In my previous blog I mentioned art restoration as an extra skillset. How satisfying to see the finished product ‘in home’ and being loved by the recipient. Also very satisfying to see a favourite old work, that had won a photography prize, happy in a new home.

Speaking of new homes, ours has been in turmoil for several months having the kitchen renovated. While we set up a temporary kitchen in Walter’s studio, our evening summer drinks took on a whole different perspective. My dear daughter visiting from Nashville took up accommodation in my studio and decided it was better than the house. There is a recommendation.

We did manage a one week break, with dog in tow, in the high country, where we rented a house on the Omeo si-e of Dinner Plain in Victoria. I completed a few pieces of work that had been inspired by my classes with Stephanie Ellis and Sacred Geometry. See her site here: https://www.theartofprocess.art/

I had started engaging with Kim’s Challenges, creating some boxes from gel prints, however internet was not reliable in the high country so had to abandon her weekly notes. I have the collection and will come back to them at a later date. Have a look at what Kim offers on her website: https://kimherringe.com.au/

A challenge that I set for myself was to spend time with pencil in hand and create a series of small works using images from USA and items around my studio. What small drawing could I make in about an hour. Pencil is a lovely subtle medium, easily manipulated light to dark through pressure. Love it.

Usually,I take up some Summer projects and this year managed to complete one of those.

Our Warrandyte Uniting Church sign was looking very sad. It had a long innings of some fifteen years and I suggested an upgrade. I thank Hans van Herwerden and Josie Eeles for their assistance with installation and vinyl lettering. It was well received by the congregation.

Currently I am preparing to take an overseas journey. Lots of folks asked if it was back to China. No, it isn’t. Not sure if and when that may happen. However, my dear Chinese friends have been of great support physically and with managerial talents to sort, pack and ship my artwork to Melbourne. Five crates arrived on 14 February and thanks to Legacy Removals are now safely, snug in storage. If you need anything moved contact them: https://www.facebook.com/LegacyRemovals

My overseas journey will take me to Corsica, a guided Walking Tour via Zeste French Tours, headed up by my friend and potter Jane Annois. Website: https://www.zestefrenchtours.com/

The second part of my journey, very exciting, is to Turkey. From 15 June – 15 July I participate in the AIR Artist-in-Residence program at La Maison de Barbara in Ayvalik.


Some comings and goings in my art practice during this past period.

An invitation to judge the Australian Art Excellence Awards for AGRA Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

A floor talk with Tan Yifeng, a participating artist, at the Geoff Raby collection exhibition, at Bendigo Art Gallery In Our Time.

Winner of the Best Work on Paper at the Warrandyte Art Show, Judge Cherry Manders who said, “I am just intrigued by the overlapping triangles, and I keep wanting to go and peek behind them. Her work evokes a sense of movement in an otherwise static subject. I think that’s the secret of a good painting, it has a bit of magic to it.” (Black, White and Shades of Grey V)


Jane Annois and Wayne Rankin coordinated the Warrandyte Artisans stall for the Warrandyte Festival. As I was on the Art and Craft Stall Committee, coordinating all of the 25 stalls at the festival; it was great to have them do the work. I took  my work along to the Artisans stall and a lot of fun engaging with the public. Follow us on Instagram: @warrandyteartisans

The International Flower and Garden Show exhibition by MAVA Melbourne and Victorian Artists. My work sold as did 25% of the exhibition.


My dear friend Lesley invited me to an evening of Story Telling. Story Wise Women hold a monthly gathering on a themed subject for open mic.

Follow them: www.storywisewomen.org

And finally deepest condolences to Brigette Remmen, Director of Art at St.Francis, whose husband, Walter passed away on April 28.



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