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Colour – Form – Pattern! Walk on the Wildside

Denise will showcase a series of Monoprints at Art at St Francis 12 December to 14 January.

To walk on the wild side leads to imaginings of freedom in an uninhibited environment, without restrictions, rules or limitations.

“I have walked in the wild of an outer suburban, natural location, engaging with the changing seasons through plants. I watched when they slept in Winter, when new little sprouts of green pushed through, expanded, and produced amazing colours. I saw colours fade and blooms drop, along with leaves that fell or shrivelled in the cold, which was a sign of sleeping again.

On most walks I have collected the beauty of these wild things, choosing size, shape, and patterns of foliage to arrange on my printing plate.  Layering colours and form that intermingle with hand cut and commercial stencils, I have created a series of artworks using a vast array of plant species, and with their quirky titles allow us to reminiscent on the multitude of different characteristics of those who live and connect with us in suburban environments.”

The exhibition is Open Weekdays 10 – 4 Sunday 10 – 2

Please join me for drinks and nibbles on Friday 5 January 4:30 – 6pm at the Gallery – 326 Lonsdale Street Melbourne corner Elizabeth Street.

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