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INterior Small Sculpture Exhibition


  • 10th February 2022
  • 6th March 2022
  • 06:00 PM
  • 04:00 PM


Small Sculpture Exhibition - in association with the Yarra Valley Arts | Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards 2022
We are launching an inaugural small sculpture exhibition at YAVA Gallery in Healesville to coincide with the broader event at Yering Station. YAVA is pleased to bring a new dimension to the prestigious Sculpture Exhibition giving artists further opportunities to exhibit and sell their work. The Yering Sculpture Exhibtion features many large outdoor sculptures whereas YAVA gives artists the opportunity to present smaller work in a more intimate and personal setting.
Entrants include YAVA members as well as guest artists, whose practice encompasses sculpture. An interior exhibition space allows the viewer a closer more personal connection to the work, allowing the appreciation materials such as: found objects, glass, paper, wood, stone, ceramics and precious metal. The intimacy of sculpture on a small scale invites us to take notice, examining details: up close, the mark of the maker and the impression of their hand are evident. Small sculpture can speak quietly and compel a sincere reflection of the artist’s intention.
Opening Thursday 10 February at 6pm.
Alex Sanson, Alistair Whyte, Amanda Page, Amanda Ruck,
Beatrice Magalotti, Carolyn Cardinet, Caroline Graley, David Miller, Denise Keele-bedford, Frank Duyker, Graeme & Bev Hardidge,
Gerd Bachmann, Helen Philipp, Hugh McLachlan, Ian George,
Jenny Reddin, Jenny Whiteside, Jill Symes, Jo Lane,
Joseph Apollonio, Kate Howard, Kate Shone, Kristy Hussey,
Lilach Mileikowski, Linda McLean & Cheryl Kennedy, Mandy Gunn,
Martin Hodge, Mim Kocher, Philip Cooper, Robert Waghorn,
Stephen Glassborow, Todd Stuart, Wayne Rankin, William Picone, Zora Verona