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Walter Magilton

Denise Keele-bedford

17th June 2020

Walk a Crooked Mile

With the lifting of restrictions, being able to visit my daughter was fantastic. Finally that lovely long cup of tea together. We took a walk skirting the fence line...
22nd May 2020

A Walk to Contemplate

I wonder what strategies our community and the broader global community are embracing, to assist in managing their well-being these days. We all know that the time we are...
11th May 2020

Walk in the Park

As I enter the eighth week of required isolation and have again taken a glorious walk in my Warrandyte Bush, I am reminded of a Walking Challenge that I...
27th April 2020


In the Blog Her Light in Native Colours the artwork is based on the tradition of Tea Drinking in my Western Culture. All my years traveling to China, I...
21st April 2020

Her Light in Native Colours

Nearly one month of isolation and some rising melancholia in missing cuppas with my daughters, I found myself reflecting on an artwork I created several years ago. Sandra Angliss,...
13th April 2020

LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT: Australia’s Creative Diaspora Part Two

LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT: AUSTRALIA’S CREATIVE DIASPORA Is the publication to accompany the Exhibition of Photographs by Nathalie Latham Held at the national Portrait Gallery, Canberra May –...