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Walter Magilton

Denise Keele-bedford

2nd February 2020

From SARS to nCoV-2019

My first journey to China was in September 2002. My friend Lesley invited me to go with a group to study Fengshui. At that time I was finishing my...
1st February 2020

Changing Direction: From Melbourne to Beijing and Beyond

  I was introduced to China through an old friend, who passed away about 10 years ago. Whilst living with June and Hugh Antonoff, in their very quaint cottage,...
23rd December 2019


For many years my art practice has been based on exploring belief systems including rituals, celebrations, icons and symbols associated with those systems. I have been intrigued with places...
18th December 2019

Stave Churches in Norway

During my research for our recent Norway trip, I came across the Borgund Stave Church as a must-see sight. What is a Stave Church (stavkirke) in comparison to the...