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Covid Creations

Thursday July 1 is the launch for the Melbourne Society of Painters and Sculptors special exhibition Covid Creations.

As the website administrator for the society I have been busy putting the show together for the twenty-nine participating members.

The exhibition features an intriguing diverse range of artworks expressing talents of these fine artists.

See the online exhibition here: https://mswps.com.au/covid-creations/

I am showing three works made during 2020.

Here is a glimpse of the accompanying artwork statements:

Walking Tour/No Restrictions

In 2020 for eight months plus, my life had been a whirlwind of emotions and stress, yet a hollow vacuum of lethargy and questioning purpose, of laziness, yet undertaking major sorting programs.

For one hour per day a walk in my 5km neighbourhood, instigated looking at my environment, seeing the changes of the seasons, plants sprouting new shoots, flowers, and colours. Nature has no restrictions.

Encouraged to create prints, I watched copious videos from, across the globe, on a form of printmaking new to me.

I blossomed into a creative functional being who looked forward through a black tunnel to the small light at the end and I have seen it grow larger as I get closer, and the blackness dissipates.

I am moving along with a series of artworks reminiscent of the healing power of nature.

Artwork is currently Framed under Glass

 And Our Friends Are All Aboard

Statements such as: ‘We are all in this together’ and ‘We are all in the same boat’ were in abundance throughout the media as Australia endeavoured to come to terms with a pandemic that was speeding across the globe. Six weeks earlier, in late January, I left Beijing in a flurry as the city around me was shut down within two days. My solo exhibition at the beginning of March was shut down, after one week and by mid-March Melbourne was in virtual lockdown.

This artwork reflects on the media statements and my questioning that our boats during the pandemic are not all the same. I have borrowed and acknowledge my use of a line from the Beatles song: yellow submarine

Artwork is currently framed.


Sail Away: The Boat Project

In 2016 my Artist residency was in Poughkeepsie on the Hudson River, two hours North of Manhattan in New York State. Poughkeepsie is a multi-cultural community and there I saw correlation with my community and topical aspects of immigration, trade and asylum seekers.

I created my first origami boat installation that represented the 315-mile length of the river, the assortment of vessels of trade and diverse cultures who have engaged with the river. An installation was again created in Warrandyte in January 2017 and featured in the Warrandyte Diary.

The Boat Project has continued since that time, in a diverse range of interpretations including Yellow Boats of Hope.  Yellow stands for happiness, positivity, energy, remembrance, optimism and joy.

Dangerous boat travels, sinking vessels, deaths and authoritarian refusal to enter Australian waters are signs of desperation and the risks taken by asylum seekers for a better life. One can only imagine the plight, hardship and difficulty in being forced to seek asylum from your home in a strange other country, and the consequential risk to you and your loved ones lives on an unknown arrival.

The Hope Boats were first shown in the ‘CONNECTION 8000’ Exhibition at C + Space, Shunyi, Beijing PR China (2017). Curator Jingjing Jia. I also conducted a Children’s Workshop within the exhibition space for Tasun Creative Art.

Also in 2017 I was invited to participate in the 27 Degree Angle East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale at Jiufeng Urban Forestry Reserve in Wuhan, Hubei, China. I created an installation titled ‘Golden boat: Golden Waterway’ in acknowledgement of the trading route along the Yangtze River that flows through Wuhan.

I was fortunate to create three installations of Yellow Boats in 2018. An invitation to participate in the Redgate residency open studio programme enabled me to show my work in the very studio where I had my first China residency in 2003. In September 2018 Curator Jingjing Jia extended an invitation to create a Yellow Boat installation at K-YARC Gallery Gwangju South Korea, as a fringe exhibition in conjunction with the Gwangju Art Biennale.

A series of silkscreen prints and collage titled SIEV: Titles of Positivity were exhibited with the installation A Gold Boat for a Gold Coin in the Adrift exhibition at Red Gallery in 2018; to assist in raising funds for Asylum Seekers.

In 2019 after traveling in Norway with a group of MG car enthusiasts Walter and I spent several weeks in the Lofoten/Vesteralen archipelago. I had taken a series of the Poughkeepsie boats and was thrilled with the installation opportunities by magnificent waterways.

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Denise was encouraged to submit an entry for the upcoming exhibition at Red Gallery.

It was lovely to receive the below email from the Gallery Director Elle Rusch Drakos.

Good Morning.

With over 300 submissions for our popular annual group show; Rock, Paper, Scissors we are delighted to have selected you as one of our 30 innovative artists with work that we feel express the overall theme and narrative of the exhibition.
We invite all out artists to participate in our opening event, inviting your nearest and dearest for drinks and socialising amongst all the talented works and artists. It is a great atmosphere and a fantastic networking opportunity. Not to be missed. We will also be running a series of collage and paper workshops which we will announce closer to the date.
After much discussion with Elle I have decided to exhibit my artwork Beneath the Surface Revealed.
Keep watching for the exhibition promotion and updates. Denise