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Boats provide the physical means for movement on water, they are buoyant and shaped to provide stability. The boat can symbolize a journey on the sea of life, the ups and downs, joys and thoughts of pleasure and fun filled days.


Ahoy me Mateys

Free Public Event:

Sunday 19 September 2pm (be on time Lest ye Swab the Decks)

Finns Reserve at the Yarra River on the Corner of Union Street, Lower Templestowe


MEET AT THE MAIN CARPARK – Look for the Pirate Flags


Participants are encouraged to wear Pirate Gear


Denise Keele-bedford is the recipient of a Manningham Arts (FAIR) Fellowship. Her culmination of the Fellowship includes a Free Family Friendly Public Event of activities based on Pirates, Boats and all things Nautical.

19 September is also “talk like a Pirate Day”.  https://www.talklikeapirateday.com.au/

The day is to raise funds to support families affected by Childhood Cancer.

It is a great event to bring kids of all ages.

Follow along the Treasure Trail for activities that include, A Pirate Name, A Pirate Hat, The harmonic voices of Women of Notes, Pirate Language, A performance of The Owl and The Pussycat, Sharon Jackson Hoop Dancing, Story Surprise, Sea Shanties, Trout, Unique Zen Jackson performance, Poems and to Support Childhood Cancer Families.


Kittenbound Studios – Renee McCrae

KittenBound Studio’s is a page for Renee McCrae to run havoc, while sharing her modelling, acting, music, artistic, scientific and environmental adventures with you all.

One second it could be hula hooping, the next it could be a crazy science project.
It could be a model shoot, or cooking edible mushrooms locally found.
Who knows? Life is an adventure full of knowledge and fun. Why not share!

Stony Creek Studio –  https://stonycreekstudio.art/

Paper Only exhibition 2018 Gwangju South Korea

Established in 1973 Stony Creek Studio is situated at the junction of the Yarra River and Stony Creek in Warrandyte.  The studios of husband and wife team Walter Magilton and Denise Keele-bedford offer an exciting range of traditional and contemporary artwork.



Manningham Artshttps://www.manningham.vic.gov.au


Fletchers Real Estatehttps://fletchers.net.au/

Fletchers is a proud, fourth-generation family-based real estate agency with a history of 100 years in the industry that has earned us an unsurpassed reputation in servicing our clients.

Since Fletchers inception in 1919, the face of real estate has changed remarkably. Fletchers has evolved accordingly, embracing new technology and communications systems, structured ongoing training programmes, a state-of-the-art integrated database and a strong focus on customer service. As pioneers in many of these areas, we are proud to say that we are well respected in the real estate industry.


Volunteers  – Anne, Melissa, Jane, Ann-Maree, Jacky, Beatrice. Volunteers are the crew who are most essential to an event flowing. They are the ones who from start to finish look after the Public, helping them move safely through the events. They hand out maps, help select pirate names, teach hat making, inform and guide participants. They are the ones with the Red Bandannas and the Flags. Most importantly they are the ones who will accept your donations in return for a gift.


Good Brewhttps://goodbrew.com.au/

We brew a delicious range of Kombucha, shipped straight to your home or available at your local health food store.

We aim to produce and deliver all of our products through the most environmentally friendly and sustainable methods that we can. Local, sustainable and organic suppliers are used where possible in our production chain to deliver quality products. Both of our warehouses (one in Brunswick VIC and one in Daylesford VIC) utilise solar panels. Staff are encouraged to walk or ride their bikes to work and get lovely bonuses for their efforts. The descriptive labels of our bottles are made from 100% recycled paper with vegan ink, plus they don’t use any glue.


Sharon Jackson

A Celebrant, Wellness Facilitator, mother and writer, Sharon is passionate about uplifting and encouraging people to find their own passion and to live their fullest life. Sharon loves to connect and to express herself in nature, through dance, hula hooping, words & writing, ceremony, fun, laughter, and community.
A short snippet of hooping:





Trout is a band, But not just a band, it’s a lifestyle. And by lifestyle we mean….. a band 🙂
We’ll make you laugh, cry, sing, dance, and run around like a cat on a 3am house crusade.
We hope you enjoy the show.


Jock McNeishStrategic Images

I’m Jock Macneish OAM, an architect, illustrator and cartoonist with a special interest in work systems.

I studied Management Science with Marvin Weisbord, Margaret Wheatley and Fred Emery and have illustrated many books on how people can best work together. I worked as a staff cartoonist for The Age and Post Courier and as a set designer and producer for the ABC in Melbourne and Sydney.


Zen Jackson
Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Zen brings energy and emotion to her performances, pouring heart and soul into her originals, and offering a unique artistic interpretation of beloved classics and current hits in a wide range of styles such as folk, indie, blues + jazz.
YouTube Video:


Story Surprise – https://www.storysurprise.com.au/

Lauren and Anthony bring you Story Surprise! This is an ongoing series of funny, interactive, educational and stimulating videos and podcasts featuring songs, stories, art and craft.

What started as a few videos to connect with friends and family across the globe has turned into ongoing series! Each theme tackles important childhood learning concepts. Recent themes include feelings, motivation, and uniqueness.


Women of Notes – Ruth Schoenheimer, choir leader

Women of Notes began almost 25 years ago at the Donvale Living and learning Centre.

During those years we’ve sung for local council events, art gallery openings, private parties, retirement villages, flash mobs, and at our annual Big Sings with choirs and singers from all around Melbourne.

We’ve sung with people from many places around the world, delighting in the sharing of music and culture.

We’ve sung at the funerals of a few of our beloved choir members, and discovered both how difficult it is to sing whilst crying, and also how magically the human voice, folded into song, transforms grief into something more bearable.

We’ve helped raise funds for neighbourhood house programs, asylum seekers, cancer research, fire and flood victims and many other wonderfully worthy causes.

Women of Notes are proudly and passionately dedicated to making joy through our music, both for ourselves and for our community.

Now and Not Yet  – https://www.nowandnotyet.com.au/

Now and Not Yet is a not-for-profit social enterprise. We live in Warrandyte and are committed to seeing our community flourish. Having places and spaces where people can connect, hang out and do what brings life to each other is vitally important. We believe it’s better to give than receive, so our profits go back into supporting Warrandyte.

Legacy Removals –http://www.legacyremovals.com.au/

Our business began as a specialist removal service for Melbourne’s premium auction houses.
Transporting paintings and antiques that cost more than the average house taught us the importance of performing our work with meticulous care.    We bring this same level of professionalism, planning and care to all our removal work. So whether you’re moving from the suburbs to the city, whether you’re moving home, growing a business or buying that unique item, Legacy Removals will ensure the process is hassle free.