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Walter Magilton

Denise Keele-bedford

14th January 2022

The Asia Series at Art at St Francis

Cultural Costume Reimagined National costume identifies culture and the significance of nations’ customs. Contemporary fashion continually rebels against customs, whilst simultaneously appropriating traditional costume style and materials. Intrigued with...
26th November 2021

Studio Meanderings November/December 2021

All things in perspective, Melbournians received lockdown relief on 22 October, at 70% double vaccinated, we had a few uplifting moments, albeit hesitation with the installation at Fed Square....
6th October 2021

Deep Blue Crossing

Presented by Denise Keele-bedford in partnership with Fed Square Fracture Gallery, The Atrium Fed Square                        1 – 30 November 2021               24-hour Viewing Wednesday 3, 10, 17 and Thursday 25...
16th September 2021

Comings and Goings September and October

Bastille Day, July 14 I enjoyed the company of Ceramic artist Jane Annois. Jane is very much a Francophile, who like me, travelled often, and embraced all things French....
26th June 2021

Around the studio July and August

Around Stony Creek Studio As we move beyond Winter Solstice and into the second half of 2021, life around the studio continues to ride the waves in and out...
9th June 2021

Travel Lightly

Today I saw a Facebook post by my dear friend Zheng Xuewu. His post is reflective on a 2006 exhibition and an introduction to a 2009 exhibition.  Below is...