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Walter Magilton

3rd January 2020

The Jaguar Series

    Bib Stilwell, now deceased, was a very well-known Melbourne businessman of many parts, not the least being a major motor dealer. At the time of the paintings...
23rd December 2019

Welcome to Walter’s blog

Welcome to Walter Magilton’s new blogspace on the Stony Creek Studio website. Walter will be posting content about his interests and aspirations in the coming months. So, watch this...

Denise Keele-bedford

14th September 2023

Spring has Sprung in September

What a wow of a month in September for our studio. Denise submitted two artworks for the Eltham Art Show and both works were selected to be show at...
31st July 2023

La Maison de Barbara: An artist residency in Turkey

I was fortunate to undertake an Artist Residency (AIR) in Ayvalik Turkey at La Maison de Barbara, from 15 June until 15 July 2023. http://www.barbararesidency.com/ Serif Kaynar, an art...
14th May 2023

Back to Basics and Fingers in Pies

In my previous blog I mentioned art restoration as an extra skillset. How satisfying to see the finished product ‘in home’ and being loved by the recipient. Also very...
25th October 2022

An Artist’s Additional Skillset

After more than two and a half years, two vaccinations and two boosters, I finally succumbed to Covid, in New Mexico USA. I was in a place that I...
11th July 2022

The slowness of 2022 speed

Several years ago, the NGV featured an extraordinary exhibition titled The Slowness of Speed. I was intrigued with the artists’ interpretation of the theme, or perhaps the theme was...
15th February 2022

Welcome 2022

We jumped into 2022 with some aspirations and a little reluctance, our summer more humid than before and it feels like more hot days than before. The beauty of...