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Art at St Francis’ Exhibition

Denise will be showing recent artworks in an exhibition titled MARKS IN TIME at Art at St. Francis from 3 – 36 March
Address: 326 Lonsdale Street Melbourne
An open invitation for all to visit and view the work is extended and for a Personal Viewing with Denise please contact her through the contact page on this site.
10% of Sales, after Commission to St. Francis, will be Donated to Bushfire Relief
Artist Statement:
The term “shanshui” meaning mountain and water is the traditional form of Chinese painting using a very thin paper.
Whilst traveling to China I was introduced to the ink wash paper, particularly Anhui Red Star paper and calligraphic practice papers. They are tissue thin, can tear easily when wet, yet strengthen when dry from absorbing ink.
I have incorporated these special papers in my artwork for many years, experimenting with different mediums and manipulations to create contemporary artworks. I have used many layers of the papers, using staining and cutting methods to produce the artworks in the Marks in Time exhibition.

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