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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Walter at the Victorian Artists Society

Walter is a Fellow of the Victorian Artists Society (VAS) and has recently been included in their online gallery of artists’ profiles.

Walter’s Profile can be viewed through the following links:



Walter also received the following email from VAS:

Dear Walter Magilton,

Congratulations, you have been selected to exhibit your work in the 2021 VAS Mavis Little Artist of the Year (AOTY) Award Exhibition. This award is valued at $10,000.

Shadows at Play

Shadows at Play is the latest online exhibition for MAVA Collective

Open for Viewing until December 20.

My artwork Eclipse is one of the participating entries.

Check out the exhibition here:



Shadows can produce darkness, highlight the light, evoke beauty or something more sinister. Shadows can be very obvious or somewhat subtle by definition. Shadows at Play is a collection of over 60 artworks exploring the theme with sculpture, NFT’s, moving image, digital works, paintings, illustrations, photographs and more.

Symbols of Joy

Late October 2020, Pam Howman, a Warrandyte friend and Warrandyte Church member, suggested that I meet her for coffee. It had to be take-away and out-of-doors.

I had been suffering for weeks with a distressing skin complaint and after finally getting an appointment with my dermatologist, Pam and I were amazed how quickly the treatment worked.

Pam wanted to introduce me to a walking trail Research. We met at the local Research Café and in the window was a quirky black chook painted on a piece of old pailing fence.

Pam went on to explain that there were many quirky animal paintings on pieces of fencing along the walking trail.

Off we went along Main Road where it was such a joy to discover random paintings sitting in the grass and leaning against trees and poles.

I took several photos which I passed onto Sandi Miller at Warrandyte Diary. Not knowing any of the story behind the works I suggested that Sandi take a drive and do some investigation.

Early this year the Warrandyte Diary ran a story on Joan Denison and her quirky paintings.

Joan’s Iso Chooks became such a success that she was calling out for more used fencing material.

James Poyner states; “These cheerful Iso chooks became an overnight success and what started as a distraction for her street soon saw Joan painting thousands of Iso Chooks which now adorn gardens and shop fronts all over Eltham.

They are scattered through the gardens of Austin Hospital and are being given to new Australian Citizens at Nillumbik Citizenship ceremonies.

My daughter, Melissa, working from home for the past 17 months, is quite isolated out near Wallan. On March 13, 2020.  Her office in Southbank advised all employees to collect their computers and go home. Like many people we did not see each other for several months and this year has been difficult, as we all know.

In May I decided to give her a surprise gift of Joan’s Iso Chooks. What I didn’t realise was that I had to go on the new waiting list. I finally received notice that my Chooks were ready for collection on 25 July. Waiting to be able to see my daughter, we missed the opportunity between Lockdowns 5 and 6.

I sent her parcel last Saturday and yesterday received the included image.

She claimed that they are adorable but not sure where they can be installed. Her husband, Troy, is concerned that they will be destroyed if placed outside in the weather. I guess he likes them too.

What I love about their story is that something of little monetary value that I gifted to brighten and create a smile on a temporary level, has become highly valued as a symbol of optimism, bringing great joy and pleasure.

If you happen to be wandering or driving the streets of Eltham, when possible, keep an eye out for an old piece of timber, with a few splashes of colour; that I am sure will make you smile.

Comings and Goings September and October

Bastille Day, July 14 I enjoyed the company of Ceramic artist Jane Annois. Jane is very much a Francophile, who like me, travelled often, and embraced all things French. I was booked to travel with Jane and a small group on a walking tour in Corsica in June 2020.

Over coffee we excitedly talked of her upcoming trip to Magnetic Island and my trip in August to Brisbane.  http://www.janeannois.com/

The day before I dropped eight artworks to Fitzroy Stretchers for framing. We arranged for me to go back on Friday 16 when the framer was present. https://www.fitzroystretches.com/

Bundit Puangthong their framer was absent, working on one of his major murals in the city.


As it happened, Melbourne went into Lockdown 5. Writing this Blog, I find myself having to research the dates and versions of the Lockdowns; they are all beginning to blend into one long series of restrictions with short periods of time being able to travel outside of 5 kms. Don’t blink otherwise you will miss it.

We know the drill of postponements, cancellations, zooms, refunds for tickets bought. Some of my refunds were difficult because my Credit Card had since expired causing phone calls to update the Expiry Date for remittance.

The MONOCHROME online exhibition was extended to end of August and the artworks are currently displayed in the online shop. https://www.mavacollective.com/shop?page=5

MSWPS Covid Creations online exhibition continues to be available for viewing.


With the expectation of the uplifted restrictions on 27 July I have continued to prepare for the Manningham Arts Fellowship Event on September 19. Unfortunately, this event is to be rescheduled, possibly into 2022:


As Melbourne tumbled into Locked 6 on August 5 for 7 days, then a further 14 days……we find ourselves, early September, still here, at home in STAGE 4 restrictions, most likely until 70% of us are fully vaccinated. Big news: Walter and I have our COVID vaccination certificates.

The length of time it has taken me to write this blog Victoria now stands at 70% with at least the first vaccination shot.

2021 Victorian Seniors Festival is with us and series of podcasts are available to listen to.

Two artists with Italian heritage are featured in Episode 4, including my dear friend Liliana Barbieri. Check out the link below:

Visual artist and gallery director Wilma Tabacco speaks about the triumphs and challenges of growing up in an adopted country. Fellow artist and educator Liliana Barbieri talks about migration, family, and following her dreams.


 About twenty MSWPS Members visited the studio of Vicki Sullivan via Zoom recently.

Vicki’s art practice is based in the realist tradition with a passion for 19th Century portraiture.

I wrote a review of our visit that can be read here: https://mswps.com.au/a-virtual-journey-to-vicki-sullivans-studio/

Walter continues the rounds of medical checks, tests, in and out and in again to hospital during August. He is well on the way to recovery from skin grafts. The Victorian artists Society will create an online Profile for him and he is pleased with the recognition.

While I wait for the outcome of various exhibition entry submissions, notices of postponement have been received and some different activities in my studio are occurring.

Preparation for Deep Blue Crossing to be held at Fracture Gallery in Federation Square has continued with some difficulty having acrylic forms made during this Lockdown.

The installation will coincide with Multicultural Month in November and fortunately Fracture Gallery is a view only 24-hour space, constructed of glass and steel. The Public will be able see the work without concern.

From the Orient: Recent Works from China is still planned for Mid-November for one month.

I have edited the Spring Edition of The Bulletin for the Melbourne Society of Women Painters & Sculptors and am currently preparing more than ninety artworks from fifty members for the online Annual Exhibition. Changing Perspectives 2021 will be launched for Public Viewing on Friday 1st October.

An older friend, who downsized, asked if I would advise on where to hang her art collection in the new abode.

Having less wall space than previously we took time to work through her collection and select the pieces that had the most ‘value’ to her, not monetary but emotional and historic value. I have been assisting for several months, in and out of lockdowns and her getting to travel to Darwin for a month. What luck.

It has been a most satisfactory engagement on my behalf with one piece now waiting on a valuation certificate and another which will be donated to the Golden Dragon Museum. It has been a pleasure dealing with these people and the Museum in particular are quite excited to receive the donation. When I suggested the donation to my friend, I knew nothing of her family background, the Museum, however, knew of the family connection to Bendigo. My friend is thrilled that the piece that has been in the family for well over 100 years will be well cared for as has in essence returned home.

You will recall me writing about The Year of Wonder Photographic event in Warrandyte, that resulted in a fabulous publication.

The next iteration is on the way with entries closing on 17 September for an event to be held late November. My submission was entered this week with my view on the theme Fresh Perspectives.

2021 is the 30 Year Anniversary of Redgate Gallery in Beijing.

In 2003 China opened to the world after SARS and I was one of the first foreign artists to go there. For Redgate Gallery anniversary many artists and associates have written articles, sent images, and a range of memorabilia for the celebration. The link is to my article:


Symbols of Joy is an article I wrote for the Warrandyte Uniting Church Bridge. I will make a post for the article. Based on the quirky artwork by Joan Denison, they bring a smile to faces that see them. Take a look at her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/joan.denison.52

Although it seems not much is happening in this time of Lockdown 6, with a little light coming in on Saturday, there is a lot to be thankful for, a lot to keep us engaged and a lot of reading. Just finished reading The White Road by Edmund De Waal, who wrote The Hare with Amber Eyes. Thanks, Anne Hastie, for lending me this book on a pilgrimage through the history of porcelain.

On the last note, I am thoroughly enjoying watching the wrapping of the Arc De Triomphe; the last work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude https://christojeanneclaude.net/artworks/arc-de-triomphe-wrapped/

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