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Walter Magilton

Denise Keele-bedford

19th November 2020

Moving Through The Tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be looming closer.  It has grown from a pinprick, like a distant star in a vast blackness, constantly out...
26th August 2020

Whitemark on a Map

Mid December 2006 Walter and I drove the old van to Moorabbin airport to catch our flight to Flinders Island. I had recently returned home from an amazing adventure...
19th August 2020

A Journey to the end of the Road

Late 2014 I wrote an article based on an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) in Spain, titled a Tribute to Farrera. Whilst in Spain, at least three times, I drove to the...
11th August 2020

Traveling North Part Two

My immediate environment of my studio and the Dapu Art Centre design influenced A personal Perspective, Lines and Light and He Cha artworks. In Part Two we go outside,...
3rd August 2020

Traveling North – A long way North Part One

An invitation to specifically create installation artworks at the DaPu International Art Centre saw me travel into Heilongjiang Province 150 plus kilometers North East of the capitol Harbin, to...
27th July 2020

A River Journey

My second journey in this series takes us along the Hudson River USA. A dear friend, Zheng Xuewu, who is the director of the Hudson Centre for Contemporary Art...